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the best electric head shaver

Maybe you think that if you can pull off a Vin Diesel baldy look, that certain special someone will clamor for your attention. Maybe you just believe that a bald head will save you money on shampoo and styling products. Regardless of your reasoning, shaving your head is no quick fix.


A lot of care goes into maintaining a shaven head, and the right level of care depends on a high-quality shaver. Fortunately, the Skull Shaver makes maintenance easy.

Versatility in the Palm of Your Hand

Not only does the Skull Shaver make short work of the stubble on your head, but it also takes care of your face and neck. Although there are certainly some shavers out there that could do a better job of ridding you of your five o’clock shadow, the Skull Shaver rivals many moderately priced products in this category. Of course, it really shows its potential on your head. The horizontal shaver handle (which is the only one of its kind) makes it easier than ever to get an immaculate shave without even looking in the mirror.

Some Of The Incredible Features From The Best Electric Shaver On The Market

Some of the shavers out there are lacking in terms of features, but that is not the case with the Skull Shaver. The company truly thought of everything, making this the manliest man-head shaver out there. Features include:

– Five durable, rotating blades that give you an extra-close shave
– Flexible shave heads that conform to every nook and cranny on your head, making it easy to get in hard-to-reach areas
– A handle that fits perfectly in your hand for comfort that cannot be beat
– A quick-rinse cleaning system that makes maintenance a breeze
– A rechargeable battery that provides more than 30 minutes of shave time per charge
– A charging system that works in both standard 110v outlets and more powerful 220v outlets

A Lightening Fast Shave When You Need It

Not just for shaving your  head!

Not just for shaving your head!

Being a man is not always easy, especially when you never know what life might bring. A single guy might be asked to participate in an impromptu public celebration, and even a married man might have to look presentable quickly in order to meet his wife for dinner.

The Skull Shaver is your best friend in these situations since you can turn it on and get a fast, close shave in just a few minutes. Even the most meticulous bald man (the ones who shave their heads twice a day, every day, even with the flu) loves this shaver because it does a professional-quality job without a professional-quality price.

What It Feels Like

Although it is not quite as nice as a scalp massage, the five heads on the Skull Shaver provide excellent comfort. Because the blades themselves are very thin and rotate quickly, they will not pull your hair or nick your scalp. In fact, even if you have sensitive skin that is prone to razor burn, you can avoid those unsightly bumps, itching, and pain with this shaver.

Easy to use - the SkullShaver gives you a very close cut

The motor, located inside the handle, directs air up toward the blades to keep them cool. This is very different from some other shavers out there that warm up in a matter of seconds and create some serious scorching pain. When you are finished, your head will be smooth and soft – not dry and bumpy.

The Disadvantages Of The SkullShaver

No matter how many good things you can find about a shaver, there is always going to be a quirk or two that might get “iffy”. For the Skull Shaver, the disadvantages are very few and easy to live with.

First, it is only usable when it is off the charger. If the shaver dies, leaving you with an embarrassing inverse Mohawk, you will just have to wear a hat until it charges – which takes up to four hours.

This is easily avoidable, though; just put the shaver on to charge after each use. It will automatically stop charging once the battery is full, too, so you do not have to worry about overheating. What’s more, the charge only lasts through about 30 minutes of shaving. Of course, unless your head is the size of a prize watermelon, 30 minutes should do the trick just fine as long as you recharge every time you finish.

The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, it is truly difficult to find anything negative to say about this shaver. It fits nicely in the palm of your hand, it gives you a close shave without nicks or razor burn, and it makes it easy to shave at home, in the car while waiting in traffic (always drive responsibly), in the bathroom at work, or anywhere you could possibly imagine.

The heads are easy to clean, there is very little maintenance required, and you will never have to worry about unsightly, rough stubble again. The price tag is a bit high, but it is in line with many of the highly rated products found in drug and department stores.

Once you try the Skull Shaver, you will wonder how you ever shaved your head without it. In fact, even if you are not already considering a bald look, you might even shave your head just to have a good reason to use it. Quite simply the best electric head shaver you could buy. A little pricey, but worth it as it will last many years.