Best Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush 2018

There are quite a few shaving brushes on the market targeted towards individuals who wet shave with a safety razor and use a shaving brush to give an unremarkably close shave. The type of bristles in the brush make all the difference. Many users select silver tip badger bristle brushes due to their outstanding ability to provide an ultimate shaving experience.

If you are not familiar with silvertip badger shaving brushes, it could open you up to an entirely new world. Using this shaving technique, individuals rinse the brush with warm water and apply their shave formula to the top of the brush. To lather, they work a thin layer through the designated areas using circular brush strokes. It’s that simple. Let’s review five common silvertip badger shaving brushes that are readily available for purchase online.

Parker Safety Razor Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

Well-known for their safety razors being of excellent quality, Parker also makes shaving brushes made of 100% silvertip badger bristles to add to the shaving experience. They designed their silvertip shaving brushes based on the knowledge that the bristles have the ability to hold large amounts of water, making it simple to obtain the seamless lather and create the perfect shave. All of the Park Safety Razor Silvertip Badger Brushes come with a free plastic drip brush stand that hangs upside down after use for proper drying, extending its overall lifespan.

Product Features

  • Handmade
  • 100% silvertip badger bristles
  • High bristle density
  • Variety of colors
  • Plastic brush and drip stand for drying and storage

This shaving brush has a high-end look but is not as expensive as others in the same category. The antique look reminds users of the silvertip badger brushes that have been used for generations.

User Reviews

With hundreds of excellent reviews available from buyers, it is clear that this shave brush has hit home to many. Although some relay that their silvertip badger brush lost bristles quicker than they expected or that the brush handle became loose and fell off, this was the minority response. The most common benefits reported by users were:

  • High Quality – Many reported that the entirety of the brush structure is sound enough to last for many years.
  • Solid Weight – The added weight of the brush helped users keep the bristles under water to help with absorption.
  • Soft Bristles – One of the most notable features was the soft bristles that enabled the creation of a perfect shave lather.

WSP Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush

Although WSP has a few varieties in their silvertip badger shaving brushes, the high density “Prince” version has been rated the highest among them. Known as being the brand with extraordinarily soft grade A badger hair, this shaving brand fully backs their product with a 100% satisfaction guarantee or they will provide a full refund.

Product Features

  • Contains 100% badger hair with no fillers
  • Handmade and assembled
  • Incorporates a 22 x 48mm High Density knot
  • Measures 50 mm tall by 36 mm with a 28 mm waist

This dense shaving brush is formulated to handle even the harshest of soaps and allows for precise control with its firm design. It comes as no surprise that this brand has the best warranty in the industry.

User Reviews

Especially for the price, users find that they get their money’s worth with this silvertip badger shave brush and have rated it accordingly. One of the top compliments was that the brush minimally sheds its bristles to provide a long-lasting product that creates an excellent shave experience. The most beneficial features reported by users include:

  • Easy Clean-Up – Users report that this brush is easy to clean, cutting back on time.
  • Thick Lather Abilities – Due to the density of the bristles, lather is easily formed.
  • Adequate Weight – The weight is substantial but not heavy.

Frank Shaving Brush with Ivory Handle

With a compact design and an unbeatable price, the Frank Silvertip Badger Shaving Brush is a perfect choice for those who want a close shave on a budget. This brush can maneuver around small, tight areas yet still contains the density to hold plenty of soap.

Product Features

  • The brush contains a 22mm knot for density
  • Contains only silvertip badger bristles
  • Comes with a faux ivory handle
  • A free matching stand is included

The Frank Silvetip Badger Shaving Brush has an elegant looking base with a stand so the brush can dry properly after use. It is a great brush for beginners who do not wish to invest in an expensive option, yet still wish to have high quality bristles.

User Reviews

For the price, the reviews are overall good, although there are several complaints stating that the bristles fell out quickly. Individuals reported generally positive benefits including:

  • Soft and Dense Brush – Users reported that the bristles are soft and hold enough water for their entire shave.
  • Easy Lathering – The brush has a small design yet still provides adequate lather.
  • No Adverse Scent – Often, silvertip badger shave brushes contain an animal smell, but this manufacturer had the smell removed.

Edwin Jagger Large Silver Tip Badger Hair Shaving Brush

Created in England, this shaving brush combines cutting edge technology with traditional hand craftsman skills. Edwin Jagger manufactures their brushes with some of the highest quality materials that give even users with sensitive skin an excellent shave. Known for its ability to absorb hot water, it can easily soften the hair and skin, allowing for an extremely close shave and consistent results.

Product Features

  • Generates a rich concentrated lather
  • Ideal size and weight for all users
  • Handmade in England
  • Comes with a matching drip stand for drying

Although more expensive than many other silvertip shaving brushes, most users report that it is well worth the money. A preferred choice among experienced wet shavers, you can’t go wrong with this shaving brush.

User Reviews

There were generally few negativities reported for the Edwin Jagger Large Silver Tip Badger Hair Shaving Brush, aside from the price tag. The main benefits that buyers reported included:

  • Quality Design – Users stated that there is minimal bristle loss and they are tightly and evenly packed.
  • Water and Soap Retention – This brush sustains a deep, rich lather throughout the entire shave.
  • Easy Drying and Storage – The included stand allows for quick trying and easy storage for future use.

Kent BLK12 Traditional King-Sized Pure Silver Tip Badger Shaving Brush

For individuals that wish for a bigger shaving brush and more coverage, you can’t go wrong with the Kent Traditional King-Sized Brush. The wealth of bristles comes from nearly doubling the amount typically seen in standard-sized silvertip badger shaving brushes. Often described as “pure heaven” by users, it’s expensive price tag does not disappoint.

Product Features

  • King size for extra coverage
  • Comes in a handsome black barrel design
  • Contains nearly double the amount of bristles in a standard brush
  • Made in the United States

As one of the most expensive silvertip badger shaving brushes on the market, users are often exhilarated by the soft touch and excellent quality this brush has to offer. One unfortunate downside of having a higher bristle count is a longer drying time. Buyers report that they have to continuously shake excess water before hanging the brush to dry. Aside from this, some main benefits reported include:

  • Extra Large Design – Calling this brush king size does not put it into perspective.
  • Minimal Bristle Loss – Even after repeated use, buyers report that there is minimal bristle loss.
  • Plush Feeling – The soft bristles are a number one feature noted.

In general, there are hundreds of shave brushes available to the public, ranging from $5.00 to $800.00 and made from varying materials. There is a fine line between the brush you need and the brush you want. Fortunately, silvertip badger shaving brushes have become more available to those who do not wish to spend a fortune on a wet shave brush but still want a luxurious shave. Depending on the type of performance you wish your brush to possess, natural badger bristle brushes provide varying features while still delivering a close shave for even those with the most sensitive skin. Silvertip badger hairs are the longest and most luxurious of the bristles, allowing for significant water saturation which provides a wonderful lather.

When shopping for your silvertip badger shaving brush, aside from price there are a few features you will want to consider such as the handle materials, methods of construction, bristle density, size of the brush itself, the water retention ability, and lastly whether it contains a drying and storage stand. The five silvertip badger shaving brushes reviewed in this article are just a small portion of those available. A shaving brush is one of the most important factors in the wet shave process so choose wisely. A brush that functions poorly will generate a poor quality shave that is nothing close to enjoying. If you have a high quality brush, your shaving experience will be heavenly and provide the closest shave possible. Which silvertip badger shaving brush will you be adding to your toiletry bag?