A Remington Shaver To Get Excited About – The New Remington XR1370 Hyper Series

The Remington XR1370 Hyper Series is a relatively cost effective shaver that ensures a high performance shave every time. The Hyper series models are designed to offer a closer, more proficient shave and this one doesn’t disappoint. However, if you are new to electric shavers, it is recommended that you use the shaver daily for a number of weeks to ensure that your skin become accustomed to them. This ensures you get the most out of them in the long run.

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Better By Design

The rotary design on the Remington was made to tackle a multitude of different hair types and lengths. The precision plus heads are a fresh take on the shaving market as they are designed to capture longer and shorter hairs with different slots and holes, ensuring you don’t get an uneven shave that requires going over multiple times. The twin blade system allows the shaver to get as close to the skin as possible guaranteeing hairs are cut at the base.


The integrated pivoting head allows for the user to follow the facial contours without catching the skin and causing irritation. This works in sync with the three independent cutting heads that flex around the contours of the face and ensure that you get a greater all round shave without going over repeatedly, ensuring the most comfortable, accurate and effective shave at all times.

The Battery And Charging

The Remington is lithium powered and has an LED gauge to let you know how the battery is getting on. Although it comes with some charge, it is recommended to give it a full charge of about 90 minutes. Each charge lasts in excess of 45 minutes; which probably equates around a weeks’ worth of shaving time if you use daily.

The Bells And Whistles

The shaver comes packed with a few extras that allow for easier maintenance and protection for your shaver; it comes with a protective guard to ensure the heads stay as clean and safe as possible between uses, alongside a cleaning brush for simple and effective sanitary upkeep.


Additionally, there is a charging stand, charger, travel pouch and an instruction booklet with the shaver. The charging stand also doubles as a ‘lock’ of sorts, preventing accidental activation; combined with sufficient battery life, makes for the optimal travel shaver.

Overall Verdict From IwantAshaver.com

It is fair to say that this Remington model is as effective as it is eye catching. The shape of the shaver allows for a comfortable, solid grip thanks to its slip free design.

Overall, the XR1370 can be considered a good purchase. Whilst it doesn’t offer a flurry of over the top features compared to the competition, it is quite simply a high end performer stripped down. You get your money’s worth out of it and more.

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