Remington R6150 Titanium-X Rotary Shaver – Simplicity and Affordability Unmatched.

For over 70 years now Remington has been leading the way in the west with shaving products. The name is synonymous with the industry and most that use electric shavers will have tried one at least once in their life. With the X Series of shaver, what Remington brings you is a quality range of Rotary Shaver, that comes at an incredibly reasonable price. So what exactly is the buzz all about with the R6150 Titanium-X?

What I Like About The R6150 Titanium-X

Design and Handling
The shaver is ergonomically designed, with a rubber grip, weighted perfectly to provide complete control in your hand. The three independent floating heads move exceedingly well and with precision in all directions, with or against the grain. The handling is very smooth, with exception to the very rare wobble which all in all allows for a good close shave that, most importantly, leaves little irritation.

Closeness of Shave
The blades are titanium coated which is expected to deliver long life – this is still to be seen but so far so good with exceptional cutting performance. The 3 independent floating heads provide good contact with your face despite any contours and difficult angles. Most importantly, there is no power drop when low on battery, performance remains the same until the battery runs out. This eliminates any tug and pull as a result of speed reduction, another good factor in reducing unnecessary skin irritation.

Charging and Cleaning
Cleaning is nice and easy. You can clean the shaver under the tap and you don’t have to dismantle it so often. Even when you do need to get into the head to clean, the flip top makes the process very simple, affording a quick clean so you can get on with your day. There really is nothing to it, no need for a cleaning station or any gimmickry, just simplicity.

From a full charge you should expect up to 60 minutes shaving time which in comparison to the competitors in this range is unbeatable. There is an LCD display to show how much battery life you have left, and the R6150 Titanium-X is also mains rechargeable. The 12 volt power adaptor is also universal which is perfect for travelling.

What Are The Drawbacks

There are some reports that the R6150 Titanium-X does seem to have a limited life span that can often be as little as 12-24 months – particularly with the blades becoming dull. However, this is something you would not expect from titanium blades and something that I guess only time will tell.

Although the power adapter is handy in as much as it is universal, it is rather bulky, a bit of a space eater particularly if you are trying to pack light on your travels. You also need an adaptor to recharge in a 3-pin socket.
The shave head does wobble a bit during use and while this is rarely an inconvenience, it is enough to be noted as a drawback – some people will notice it more than others.

So Is It Worth It? – Overall Verdict From

Most customers that have left feedback on this product found it very worthwhile, and for the price, you can add me to that list. The weight is in perfect proportion allowing for superb handling. With very little pressure it floats beautifully over the face, and it’s one of the simplest rotary shavers to clean. You will struggle to find an equal rotary shave for this price which is indeed the most remarkable characteristic of this shaver.