Remington FR-730 – A Name You Can Trust, A Series That You Can Afford

The Remington name has been around for its fair test of time and for good cause because that’s the one thing they do well: cost effectiveness and efficiency.

The Remington FR-730 is as simple and effective as budget shavers go. This model is the ideal candidate for the person with lighter beards and facial hair for that quick, effortless and irritant free shave. The price tag will also make this a very attractive shaver to buy over other brands, as it offers great value for money.

Whilst this is perfect for the lighter bearded men out there, it’s fair to say that many people with a heavier growth would require excessive going over and you’d probably be quicker with the more expensive shaver. So if you fall in that group: stop reading and look elsewhere. I’d probably suggest you look at the Braun Series 7 electric shaver.
“But it’s a Remington” I hear you say.

Remington is the Grandad on electric shaver brands and they are unfortunately perceived that way with consumers. But really you should look past this myth.

They’ve been around for the past 75 years and have managed to hang around even though they are up against some of the more innovative brands like Braun and Philips producing superior shavers year on year. They have had a dip in quality over the past 10 years but have now started producing some of the best shavers on the market (about time too!)

The improved quality of the products they produce and the value for money that comes with the shavers, make Remington a strong brand once again. The Remington FR 730 is a great shaver and for the same quality and reliability, you’ll pay double the price of the FR 730 with other brands in the market.

What does the FR-730 offer besides the reasonable price tag?

Unfortunately the Remington does have a rather cheap looking plastic exterior, which is to be expected for a cheaper shaver but its few selling points are proof that you shouldn’t ‘judge a book by its cover’.

The FR-730 offers a close shave with fully flexible head and provides the closeness equivalent of your top end 4 or 5 blade shavers. The flexible head allows for a very steady and solid shave that easily tackles tricky facial outlines or shapes. It’s quiet, light, easy to grip and for simplicities sake – easy to clean with its detachable head.

Cleaning and Maintenance

Too often, the more expensive shavers are built to basically recommend the purchase of a cleaning dock to clear out the ‘hard to clean’ places but the Remington just needs a simple run under the tap or for the more thorough clean, detaching the foil and doing the same.

Why you should buy the the Remington FR730

Less Irritation
With the FR730, you’ll experience an irritation free shave as it’s got the stainless surgical steel foils which seem to make all the difference when going over the same spot 3 or 4 times. Usually I’d get a rash from doing just that, but with the FR730, I don’t. Quite impressed with this to be fair as I’d experience some irritation with the more expensive brands.

So if you have sensitive skin and you want a shaver that won’t break the bank, the FR730 is for you.

Easy to keep clean
There’s no fancy cleaning dock or complicated de-assemble processes, just a quick and simple rinse under that tap. For a more thorough clean, just take the cover of the shaver head off.

It’s so easy to attach and detach the covering that you won’t miss using the high-end automatic cleaning docking stations of the more expensive branded shavers.

It get’s nice and close
For the price, it’s not going to get as close as the 5 blade system from Panasonic or the Braun 3 or 7 series. But you know that already. You get what you pay for, and what you get with the FR-730 is a reasonable close shave. You’re not going to look like Desperate Dan in terms of stubble. It will look like you’ve had a close shave.

The FR-730 uses a 3 stage cutting system and has two flexable steel foils and an intercept trimmer that lives between the foils, to give a nice close shave. It does shave well over facial contours and glides over difficult areas like the neck with its pivot and full-flex features.

Overall Verdict from IWANTASHAVER.COM

Whilst there are no truly outstanding features for this shaver, there’s also little to complain about. You truly get the feel of a top end shaver when you use the Remington FR-730 but all for the price of a mediocre one.