Remington F5790 Pivot & Flex Men’s foil shaver – Underrated but could be perfect for you!

The Remington F5790 is about as basic a foil shaver as you can get, whilst managing to retain a modicum of reliability in the process. There are no outstanding extra features on this model and it does not perform as well as a high end model. So then, what does it have going for it?

The Blades

Foil shavers tend to be more useful for lighter haired users and thus, adopt two blades. The F5790 has three blades – making a world of difference as this means more hair is captured and trimmed with each stroke; allowing for a more thorough, speedy shave.

The downside of course, is that they struggle with heavier beards, which is where a rotary counterpart would be better suited. Thicker hairs will result in a more inconsistent shave, requiring multiple strokes and going over the same area to get the desired cut, even with the third blade included.


It could be argued that the shaver has suffered from poor ergonomics as it doesn’t have the expected flexibility that you could get with higher end models and one of the first notable aspects of the shaver was its size. It has a very sturdy, curved design and although it looks like it could be difficult to handle, it thankfully proves the opposite.

Touching on the lack of expected flexibility – the shaver head does pivot and offer a close shave but unlike more expensive shavers, the blades themselves have to physically be adjusted to different heights to tackle any facial contours. It’s entirely possible that some users might risk skin irritation on the first few uses until the perfect setup or preference is found. Higher end models would automatically adapt during use to shape around the face so the argument simply falls into the cost of the item.

Battery life is acceptable on this model where a full charge can take about an hour; with each charge lasting about a week with daily shaves. The saving grace for the F5790 is that it can be used with a cord so if the battery starts performing poorly, you can still get sufficient use out of it.

Is It Worth It?

Overall, the argument with this shaver is more to do with quality over value. The Remington F5790 is a fairly poor quality shaver in terms of looks, how it handles and overall longevity (despite the cord use). However, you can’t deny the significance of the shaver when you are practically guaranteed a close shave, equivalent to any but the highest performance models with every use.