Professional Balding Clipper- Wahl 8110 5-Star Series Review – Precision Built For A Precision Cut

When it comes to clippers, to getting a close to the bone shave, there are few that do it better than Wahl. These guys have been in the market for a very long time and what they do, they do well. The Wahl 8110 5-Star Series is no exception to this rule. When Americans do something well they do it very well, and in as much as a Harley is the king of the road, in my opinion the Wahl is the king of the clippers; and I’m not alone in that opinion.



What You Get In The Box

Professional Balding Clipper- Wahl 8110 5-Star Series

– Wahl Balding Clipper 8110 Single cut clipper.
– Exceptionally sharp 6×0 surgical blade.
– V5000 magnetic motor.
– 2 cutting guides- 1/16 inch and 3/16 inch. Important as there is no level adjustment lever.
– Comb, pre-shave brush and cleaning brush
– Oil – you will need this after every shave to keep the quality up.

Things To Like With This Clipper

Powerful Motor – The V5000 magnetic motor is a beast, making very quick work of your shave, and it does run smoothly and quietly as long as maintained properly. If you ease up on the oiling you will notice more noise.

Smooth Operator – The surgical blade is professional quality and the shave you get is every bit as good as getting a cut from the barber. Indeed professional barbers themselves would be hard pushed to source a better set of clippers. Smooth with little need to keep repeating over the same areas. Grading is a cinch too with the cutting guides provided. These clippers are perfect for maintaining a bald look without the need to finalise with a blade – and this is great for preventing irritation.

Stay Cool – Burn is minimal in more than one way. First, even though the blade is sharp and the cut is close, clipper burn is not an issue – due mostly to the exceptional quality of the motor, the blade and the build quality. Second, the clippers do not over heat, they stay comfortably cool for a very long period of time.

Some Downsides

There are no major drawbacks with the Wahl 8110 5-Star Series clippers, but there are a couple of inconveniences that might give cause for some potential buyers to hesitate.

Cord Only – Not so much of a problem if you’re sitting comfortably in a barber’s chair, but potentially a put off if you’re looking for something that is a bit more mobile. You do get a good long cord with the clippers, but practicality is still a consideration.

Careful At The Back – It’s already mentioned that the blade is surgically sharp, and as such, if you do carry a fair bit of fat at the back of your head, or have any lumps and bumps you really do need to be extremely cautious at these parts.
No Level Adjustment Lever – There is no lever on the clipper head to adjust the closeness of the blade so you really do rely on the cutting guides if you want to manage the grade of the cut.

Does The Wahl 8110 5-Star Series Make The Grade?

As far as clippers go, you really will struggle to find a better set of clippers on the market, particularly in this price range. With superior build quality these clippers are great for the professional or for home use, as long as you can live without a cordless feature.