Philips Series 7000 RQ1195/17 Wet and Dry Shaver Review – Over Rated or Understated?

I’ve been using the SensoTouch RQ1195 for roughly 3 weeks now, and I have mixed emotions. On the one hand, it is a treat for my sensitive skin, no redness or flushing, and no dreaded itch that you can get with some models. On the other hand I’m left with the feeling that I expected more from what is currently the 4th most expensive model in the Philips Series range. That’s not to say you don’t get a lot for your buck, so hopefully in writing this I might find some better understanding of why I’m left with this feeling of lack with a product that ultimately ticks all the boxes.

What’s In The Box

Beyond the usual manual booklets, certificate of purchase and shaver itself, the box also contains a few little add-ons and attachments. Nothing fancy but it’s nice to know what to expect.

Philips Series 7000 RQ119517 Wet and Dry Shaver-box

– RQ111 Beard Style attachment – this in itself is an alternative attachable shaver unit.
– Comb
– HQ8505 Power Adapter with foldable charger
– Soft pouch
– Cleaning brush

What I Like About The Series 7000

Sensitivity Where It Counts – The shave is smooth and gentle and this is likely the result of a joint effort from the low-friction SkinGlide shaving surface and the GyroFlex 2D contour following system. You can certainly feel the benefit here as the shaver head follows the shape of your face easily, minimising impact pressure and resulting in a much more sensitive shave. The skin didn’t redden at all here, and even with a dry shave itch was minimal.




Click-on stubble style tool – I found this a very effective tool for shaping. Easy to fit and effective, and that’s all you need really.

Ergonomically Terrific – The shape of the RQ1195 is attractive, smooth and seamless. The design makes it easy to hold, comfortable and very easy to clean. It has a solid build and it doesn’t feel cheap and empty, even if it does weight in at a measly 125g with no add-ons attached.

Other Features You Might Like

Wet or Dry, it’s up to you – This truly is a versatile little beast and the AquaTec wet and dry seal gives you the option of choosing between a nice comfortable dry shave and a revitalising wet shave. Something for everyone.
Charging Stats – Charging up the shaver’s built-in lithium-ion battery takes approximately one hour, which gives you a shaving time of up to 50 minutes. Depending on how much of a perfectionist you are, a full charge will last you as much as 17 shaves, or as little as two. The shaver comes with a power adapter, with the standard two-pin plug at one end, and a smaller plug at the other which normally goes straight into the shaver.

Things That Are Lacking – The Other Side Of The Coin

Close, But Not Close Enough – The Dual Precision shaving head is supposed to cut at different levels, to allow a clean cut of the shorter facial hairs – but in my honest opinion, the shave could have been closer.

What, no pop-up trimmer? – That’s right, no pop-up trimmer. For something in this price bracket you really expect it to provide for all eventualities and facial hair styles, and that includes trimming sideburns. Yes there is the RQ111 Beard Styler attachment included and yes, if you remove the comb attachment clipped onto it, you are left with an 18 mm wide blade that is good for trimming sideburns. But that is all a bit fiddly and time consuming – not ideal in your morning rush.

Cordless Only – There is no socket on the bottom of the shaver and as such, the only way of charging it is with the foldable charging stand included in the box. This connects via the two – contact port on the side of the shaver. This can be a bit of a nuisance if you run out of battery mid charge – where a cord would usually come to the rescue, there is no chance to connect it directly to the mains. Also, if you’re travelling you need to remember to pack the charging stand – taking up more space.

Overall Verdict From

I must admit that it gives a very comfortable shave for my sensitive skin, especially when used with shaving foam or gel. However it does not give a close shave and leaves me feeling that I still need a shave a short while later. It does feel like there are just a few things missing around the edges for something in this league, but if sensitive skin in a major issue for you like it is for me, then the performance in this area may well be the decisive factor for you.

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