No More Dodgy Haircuts – Philips Norelco Kids Hair Clipper CC5060 Review

I tested this out on my son, and now all his friends want the same haircut! LOL!

I kid you not! I had visions of my son going into school with his hair looking like he’s been in a bush fire.

Every parent dreads that moment when their child’s hair starts to grow out because getting them to stay still long enough to cut it is always an arduous task. Kids will react to the sound of the clipper so you end up shaving more than you want to… tantrums ensue and more.

Why Buy The Philips Norelco Kids Hair Clipper

Philips have answered the call with the Philips Norelco Kids Hair Clipper CC5060, which is quiet and efficient. The clipper runs extremely quiet without the constant buzzing or zapping sound, keeping your child at ease and allowing for a simple trim. With its compact and light weight design, you can retain control with ease. The rounded tips comb and blade through a child’s head effortlessly, ensuring maximum safety when doing so. Not to mention, the clippers come with two guide combs that offer up to 15 different settings to cover the desired hair lengths.

Philips Norelco Kids Hair Clipper-side-on

The battery last for about 45 minutes when fully charged but can operated with the cord regardless, allowing for much needed flexibility when required. One of the best features this clipper has is that it doesn’t require any blade sharpening or oil to work effectively. The blade is self sharpening and essentially makes this model ‘maintenance free’.


When it comes to the cut itself, the contour following combs allow the clipper to adapt to any head shape whilst keeping the cut as tidy and shaped as required.

Many rival products offer similar features but at the expense of loud, zapping noises. Coupled with a slightly more inefficient cut if the child is uncomfortable, you have to really assess what you need.

And That’s Not All…

Not only do you get a multitude of features that encourage a safe, effective trim, the CC5060 comes with a range of additions including scissors, combs, a cape (no, not like Batman) and a DVD guide for new users; which is most definitely a ‘full’ package in terms of what is on offer.

The DVD explains how to operate the device, gives a brief overview for different styles and types of hair so depending on your child’s age – you can make hair cutting a team effort, or fun!

Overall Verdict From

The Philips Norelco CC5060 comes with a very affordable price tag and taking everything into consideration – truly puts it up there in terms of cost, effectiveness and convenience.

For accurate, comfortable and safe cutting – the CC5060 is a must buy.