Philips Norelco AT830 – Great Performance and Great Value for Money


No nonsense, no gimmicks, just a brilliant mid-range electric shaver

The Philips Norelco ranges are all competent rotary shavers that can accommodate for all hair lengths, a major selling point over the foil counterparts. The Norelco AT830 model particularly focuses heavily on providing a shave similar to, but not exactly like the 2D models.

The 2D models have the capability to have the blades both pivot and flex inwards to accommodate for any stray hairs without the full 360 element of the 3D range.

The dual precision blades provide a shaver that can cut both long and short hairs for those whose facial hair grows more erratically.

The Major Pros

Philips own patented Super Lift and Cut technology features on the AT830 as well, encouraging a closer shave by actively lifting hairs before trimming below skin level. This makes sure a close shave is achieved without the risk of irritation. Additionally, there is also an integrated pop-up trimmer that can allow for sideburn or moustache upkeep.

As stated earlier, the AT830 can accommodate for all hair lengths. Heavier beards won’t meet much resistance with this model as it will tackle it amiably with minimal repetition or going over.

The Aquatech technology on this shaver makes it waterproof, allowing for either a wet or a dry shave according to user preference. Wet or dry capabilities aren’t so much of a selling point these days with higher end shavers allowing for both as the norm so it’s really just down to how the user wants to use it.

The purchase of a good electric shaver does really come down to the user’s preference though, quality over value, hair length, face type and so on. Whilst this model lacks the extra features in the 2D range, it still provides a similar cut at the fraction of the price based on the key flex/pivot attributes.

Keeping The AT830 Clean and Always Ready To Use

Maintenance is easy as this shaver has a fully washable design with a hair collection chamber on the end and only really requires a run under water to clear out; a cleaning brush is included and can get rid of any stray hairs that get caught in the blades.

The LED indicators can show when the battery needs charged as well. Battery life is acceptable with about 50 minutes worth of shaving for an hour charge. In the event the user forgets to charge, you can have a ‘quick charge’ for about 3 minutes and still get enough time for at least one cordless shave out of it. Minimal effort required from a maintenance perspective really.

Overall Verdict

The AT830 is an affordable model that doesn’t feel very ‘new’ compared to other models in the Norelco range. All in all, this amicably fills the void between high end shaver and low end because you get a high performance shaver without all the accessories that more expensive models force onto you. You get a quality shave with a reasonable price tag.