Philips Norelco 1250X/42 Sensotouch 3D Electric Razor With Jet Clean System (Series 8000)

<h2 “style:text-align=center;”>Could This Be The Perfect All Rounder?

What we are all looking for in a good shaver can be summed up in between 3 to possibly 5 points. The first and most important 3 are the quality of shave, comfort level and battery usage. These are the things that everyone considers. The other more personal 2 are how easy it is to clean and overall value for money. These are the things that are more down to personal consideration. Philips ‘Norelco 1250X/42 Sensotouch 3D’ claims to be a contender in each of the above characteristics – so I decided to put it to the test.

Quality OF The Shave

philips norelco sensotouch-3d-close-save

Shaving in 3D – The new “3d” Gyroflex head, is certainly an improvement on previous designs, and while not as close as an actual ‘razor’ it gives about as close as you can get from the electric variant. The head is made up of three parts that flex and pivot along what
Philips call the UtraTrack to follow the shape of your face and this certainly allows for a close but also gentle shave.


Aquatec Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself –
I’ve never been a fan of wet shaving, always found it more convenient and comfortable to shave before my shower but as the Aquatec feature is one of the main improvements on this model I had to give it a shot. I decided against using a gel or foam as these irritate my skin, but even without this I was pleasantly surprised with the smoothness and closeness of the shave – with very little irritation. In fact, I noticed no more irritation than with my usual dry shave and that is something I was not expecting.

The pop-up trimmer while nothing to sing and dance about, is very efficient and makes quick work of tidying up your sideburns.

Comfort – How It Feels in Your Hand And On Your Face

In Your Hand –
The shaver is well weighted, and professionally designed right down to the waterproof seal. You can tell there has been a great deal of thought put into the shape and the build materials. It has a good feel to it and fits perfectly in the hand – although small hands might find it a little on the large side. Rather importantly to some, it is also rather quiet, not nearly as noisy as some of the competitors in this price range.

On Your Face –
As someone with sensitive skin, comfort is important for me. I have yet to experience any significant burn or rash with either wet or dry shave – a big plus point from me here. Even with no oil or gel in the shower I found this a remarkably comfortable shave – although if you can use gel or oil I would recommend this for a quicker shave.

Battery – Charge And Life

The Philips 1250X/42 will give you 50 minutes shave time for a full charge, which takes around your standard hour. This is a little less than those models higher up the range, the 1280X/42 and 1290X/40 both offer a more impressive 60 minutes life for your charge. However, they also come at a greater price which some may say does not justify the 10 extra minutes shave time. The life you get from the battery is adequate but not spectacular, competitive yes, market leading no.
There is also a 3 – stage LED indicator to monitor the level and charge of your battery – fairly standard but again adequate.

Cleaning And Maintenance – Do You Really Need The Jet Clean?

Manual Cleaning –
Cleaning without the Jet Clean system is remarkably easy on its own. The detachable head is extremely easy to remove and you can rinse off all three heads just by popping off the foil cover. In this sense, the Jet Clean system that comes with the 1250X/42 – considering it comes with only 1 cleaning programme, may just be at its core, an unnecessary perk with an added cost. The 1250X/40 does not come with this cleaning station and the reduced price is worth noting if you are unlikely to benefit or be tempted to use the cleaning station.

The Cleaning Station –
As mentioned above, the Jet Clean system with the 1250X/42 only comes with one cleaning programme, whereas the station that comes with the more prestigious model in the range – the 1280X/42 comes with 3 programmes. Although the 1280X/42 does once again come with a much greater price tag for this feature.

The cleaning station might add cost to the 1250X/42 but in truth, it does come in handy occasionally. Manual cleaning under water is adequate for a while, but does eventually lead to the need for scrubbing and it can be quite difficult to get effectively into the hard to reach places. The Jet Clean deep-cleans and helps preserve the heads it’s as simple as that.

Value for money – Is It Worth It?

The answer to this question really boils down to how much you want the cleaning station. For those where cost is most important than easy maintenance then the answer is no. The price is undeniably high and you can get the 1250X/40 (the model excluding the cleaning station) at a much better price.

For those that take longevity and maintenance serious, than yes it is worth it. The cleaning station may be an additional cost, but it is about as little extra as you will pay for a cleaning station – it is vanilla in every way, consisting of only 1 setting – but in terms of keeping the shaver effective, it is a justified addition.

Anything Else To Be Aware Of?

If you order this razor, you may receive it in a box calling it the Series 8000 or 8100 – this is purely due to a name change and is exactly the same product. You might receive it in the old or new packaging although likely the new.

Overall Verdict From

So, is it the perfect all-rounder? I would have to say yes, as long as you accept that the cleaning station is a necessity for getting as much life out of the shaver as you can. Yes the price is high, but the value that you get at this price is also high – value for money. That’s not to say that I would not welcome a reduction in price. This is not a budget model, it is a formidable all-rounder.