Philips Norelco 1160X SensoTouch 2D – A Real Charmer And Excellent Mid-Range Shaver

The Phillips Norelco 1160X is a shaver that goes above and beyond in terms of looks yet manages to retain a solid performance. It comes with an accompanying jet cleaning station so adequate upkeep and maintenance is available from the offset. With a sleek, elegant and modern design it not only looks good but handles as well as the price tag would suggest with a grip that doesn’t feel too bulky.


The 1160X is easy to set up, requiring about an hour of charge before use, with the battery lasting around the same without the need to recharge. The battery life allows for the user to consider it a reasonable travel shaver though it is worth mentioning that the charging/cleaning base is extremely cumbersome. If intended to use as a travel shaver, always ensure a full charge – otherwise ensure you have ample counter space to get the most out of the shaver if it will mainly be used for home use.

2D Or Not 2D?

The Philips adopts common lift and cut technology which ensures that the shaver lifts and cuts hairs as close to the skin as possible, ensuring an efficient and close shave is achieved without the risk of irritation. The 2D model basically means that the blades pivot and flex inwards to accommodate for any stray hairs whereas a 3D model can do so, but with the added benefit of 360 degree flexibility with the inward and outward flexibility.

This shaver can accommodate for any sort of beard weight or thickness; too often, budget shavers can’t perform well with a heavier beard… but the Norelco line does without any real issue. As such, you shouldn’t find yourself having to go over the same area multiple times for the desired cut.

The 2D model might be flexible with the Gyro-Flex pivoting head but this model does struggle with facial contours. Using this shaver does seem as though it is more of a challenge than it needs to be around the neck and jaw line and can cause redness if not used properly.

Cleaning And Maintenance

The cleaning dock, despite the automated and convenient nature, seems to require a high level of maintenance; cleaning fluid is an extra expense when manual cleaning with water can normally suffice, rendering the device almost redundant. Again, this is down to preference but it is worth considering whether you want to pay the extra for the jet cleaner when you will have to occasionally consider maintenance.

Overall Verdict

Overall, the 1160X is a fairly decent shaver. The lack of flexibility on certain facial contours makes for a somewhat discomforting shave which shouldn’t be the case with a high price tag. Higher end shavers should offer the best shave possible without so much as batting an eyelid. This model is a moderate performer in comparison to similarly priced shavers and makes it seem as though you are paying more for the accessories than the shaver itself. Prospective users should consider personal needs and maintenance responsibilities before taking the leap.