panasonic shavers

There’s no doubt about it that Panasonic make very reliable and very well built shavers. A Japanese company with a tradition of building great electrical products that people want to use. Their electric shavers are no different.

They create shavers for the mid-range and high-end and have created one of the most expensive shavers available on the market. Panasonic’s high-end shavers are a marvel of engineering and ideal for those who don’t mind spending money for a quality product that will last them a long time.

There are few brands out there that are as innovative as Panasonic. With this innovation they bring features that others wish they had done first. You can’t really go wrong with Panasonic. Take a look at our Panasonic shavers reviews below to see exactly how they fair against the other brilliant shavers out there available to buy.

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Panasonic Premium ES-RF31

Panasonic Shavers - Premium ES-RF31

Panasonic are known for making exceptional equipment, be it TVs, Music systems, toothbrushes or shavers – the electronics market is their playground…READ MORE


Panasonic ES-LA93 Arc 4

Panasonic ES-LA93

This little beauty is a pedigree, and it’s not afraid to show off its sports stripes either. Currently it has the world’s fastest linear motor to be found in a shaver. READ MORE


Panasonic ES LV81


Arguably, Panasonic create shavers that are considered amongst the best in their field and the ES-LVL81-K or the ES-LV61-A are models that can be considered luxury shavers, both solid contenders for…READ MORE