A Perfect Shave From Panasonic – ES-LV81-K/ES-LV61 Electric Shaver Review


Probably The Best 5-Blade Wet and Dry Shaver

Panasonic is a name that dominates the technology field. From TVs and cameras to electric shavers, you always get a high quality product that leads rather than follows the competition. Innovation rather than imitation.


Arguably, Panasonic create shavers that are considered amongst the best in their field and the ES-LVL81-K or the ES-LV61-A are models that can be considered luxury shavers, both solid contenders for that coveted number 1 spot.

The Stand Out Features of The Panasonic ES-LV81-K/ES-LV61-A

Both models adopt a 5 blade cutting system, the first of its kind. This system operates with the same 14,000 RPM as the previous 4 blade models but comes loaded with more features and an overall better performance. The extra blade ensures even greater coverage as more hairs are captured and trimmed with every stroke. Foil shavers can often struggle with heavier beards or thicker facial hair but the Panasonic doesn’t because it is loaded with 5 separate blades, still giving a shave worthy of a razor.


Both models come with face-hugging Multi-Flex pivoting heads and floating blades that ensure each blade has the ability to glide along any facial contours and ensure that any notorious ‘difficult to reach’ areas are tackled with ease. The lift tech foil ensures that all of the hairs are raised and primed for Panasonic’s very own nanotech. The nanotech blades are all made at 30 degrees to ensure that hairs are cut at the source ensuring ultimate precision and an extremely close, irritant free shave.

The Difference Between The ES-LV81-K And The ES-LV61-A

The only clear difference between these models is that one (ES-LV81-K) comes with a cleaning station. Otherwise they are identical in terms of performance. Whilst it isn’t difficult to clean the LV61-A, cleaning between multiple blades can cause grief that is immediately quelled if the buyer opts for the cleaning dock which is built to immediately clean and perform with the technology.

Cleaning and Maintenance

The cleaning dock charges, dries and renews the shaver, ensuring the blades are kept sharp and ready for the next shave. It arguably keeps the shaver performing at a peak level throughout.

Personal maintenance is easy as Panasonic supply a wealth of replacement parts which are easy to remove and replace.

Battery and Accessories

Both shavers can be used either wet or dry, again boiling down to the user’s personal preference.
Battery life is agreeable with about 45 minutes worth of usage time for an hour of charging time.

In terms of extras, the shavers both come equipped with a travel pouch, 10 stage LCD display and pop up trimmer should anyone want to maintain any current facial hair.

Overall Verdict

You truly get what you pay for with either of these models. They have a good ergonomic design, look good, handle well, perform extremely well and don’t irritate the user’s skin. It’s more a question of deciding whether you can justify the expenditure and whether you want a cleaning station or not.