Panasonic ES-LA93-K/ESLA63-S Arc 4 Wet/Dry Shaver Review – As smooth as a racing snake

This little beauty is a pedigree, and it’s not afraid to show off its sports stripes either. Currently it has the world’s fastest linear motor to be found in a shaver. It will beyond any doubt give you a clean and close shave, guaranteed. So, something that is this slick, this sexy and this reliable must have a price tag to match right? Well put it into perspective, you can pick up the 4 blade currently for around half the price of the latest 5 blade model, and both have the same motor speed. Bargain.

The Difference between The ES-LA93-K and The ES-LA63-S

There is little difference between the LA93-K and the LA63-S other than the fact that the LA63-S does not come with the Cleaning and Charging system – requiring you to clean this version manually. This is really no big issue however, as cleaning the unit is as easy as removing the cap and running under water.

If you do love your perks though – then the Cleaning and Charging system that comes with the LA93-K does clean a bit more thoroughly through the addition of detergent (non-alcohol), and it does charge and dry the unit automatically while it cleans.
If price is an issue for you however, and you don’t mind cleaning the shaver yourself after every use, the you will undoubtedly get a better deal with the LA63-S – the price difference is significant between the two.


The Stand Out Features

Design – Some will say that the Arc 5 looks better, but this Arc 4 brings elegance in abundance. With clear ergonomic shape, good solid grip on solid materials and luminous surfaces – the construction of the Arc 4 is one of the best that Panasonic have brought to the market.

As Close as close gets – Closeness is always up there as one of the most fundamental requirements when considering any shaver, and the LA93-K does not disappoint. The 4 hypoallergenic 30° angle blades combined with the 41 micrometre (extremely thin) vibrating outer foil make for an incredibly close, quick and comfortable shave.

Panasonic ES-LA93-K-ESLA63-razors

Sensitive Skin – To give a shave this close would irritate the skin with some lesser models, but as you do not need to press as hard with the shaver, the razor burn is minimal, and if wet shaving the comfort is even more noticeable. The pivoting head eases the skin also, as the 360° pivot will conquer the most chiselled of contours and faces with minimal effort.

Other Features
The battery – Nothing to write home about here but a good, expected, 45 minutes shaving time from a 1 hour charge. There is always the 5 minute quick charge feature that can be quite handy with travelling.

The Bells and Whistles – on top of the features highlighted above, there are a few little luxuries attached that add to the usability and look of the shaver. Features such as the 10-stage LCD display add a bit of panache, whereas the pop up trimmer and well positioned travel lock switch make this an all-rounder for both functionality and performance.

What I don’t like

This is a short list, because to be honest, this is one of the best shavers I have experienced to date. However, the only let down would be the Cleaning system – it is a bit too noisy and it just doesn’t live up to the same level of performance and design as the rest of the shaver.

Overall Verdict From IWANTASHAVER.COM

Whatever your preference, with the grain or against, wet or dry, thick hair or thin hair, the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc 4 shaver is a winner. It is a real performer a pedigree and a stand out champion worth every penny.