Braun Series 7 799 Electric Shaver – Could This Be The Best Braun Yet?

Braun are no amateurs when it comes to making shavers – their long history is testament to that. You don’t get to survive that long in the market with substandard products, and Braun with their Series 7 799 are as safe as they ever have been. This little beauty is about as close as you can get to having everything you want in a shaver at a very reasonable price. So what exactly do you get for your money?

What’s In The Box

• Series 7 – 799cc shaver
• Clean & Renew Maintenance System – For cleaning and charging
• A Single Cleaning Cartridge – With lemon scented, alcohol based cleaning fluid
• Protective Leather Travel Pouch
• SmartPlug – With automatic worldwide voltage adjuster (110V-240V).
• Cleaning brush

Breaking It Down To What Matters

Functionality and Design –
Much like its brothers in the 7 Series – 790cc and 760cc, the 799cc is a great size. Those with smaller hands may find it a little on the large side for a comfortable grip. Those with a larger ‘manly’ hand however, will find this the perfect size, perfect grip and ergonomically sound. The shaver has a good girth and well positioned rubber gripping at the sides to provide support while gliding around the contours of your face.

Closeness Of The Shave –
The 799cc has the same typical head that you would expect from your Braun, but that is important. Braun have taken a long time to perfect this design and each model that comes along usually brings an improvement on the last head.

The shape is great – in my opinion the Braun has the best design for getting all the hairs under the neck and jawline – far better than any rotary, and the 799cc is the smoothest yet. These are areas that can give the most problem for sensitivity so hats off to Braun for making the neck so easy to shave.

The great performance in the shave is the result in large part to two main features of the shaver head. The first is the Sonic Technology, which adapts its vibration – up to 10,000 micro vibrations – to the density of your hair – really reducing on nip and tug. The second really important feature is the ActiveLift technology which lifts flat and lazy hair before cutting, again reducing irritation and skin burn and reduces the number of passes you need for a close smooth shave.

Wet or Dry – Whether you’re a wet or a dry fan – for the record I’m a dry fan – it is really nice to have the choice, and the 799cc distinguishes itself in this regard by adding a wet shave feature. The good thing about the wet shave with this Braun, is that you don’t need a pre-shave oil or gel to use it. Water from your shower will suffice and this is good for those that are sensitive to fragrances and gels – minimising irritation again. I have to admit, having tried the wet shave on the 799cc – it was more gentle than the dry shave, no irritation at all and equally as smooth – I’m impressed.

Cleaning & Charging –
The 799cc also comes with Braun’s Clean & Renew maintenance system which not only cleans but charges too. There are some pros and cons to this I feel however.

All of the cons revolve around cost. First, use of the station requires use of the cleaning cartridges which do deteriorate over time and require replacing – every month or so depending on use. Secondly, the unit itself is, well, not really necessary. The shaver head will clean under a running tap, particularly with the sonic clean function – press the button for a few seconds when the head is under the tap and the vibration of the blade will aid the cleaning. So the cleaning station itself is more a matter of convenience and desire rather than value and necessity.

Despite this, there are numerous pros to the cleaning station. The most obvious is how easy it is to use. You simply put the 799cc shaver head upside down into the holder, press a button, and that’s it. The shave will be cleaned and fully charged in an hour. There is also a fast clean setting that will clean to a lesser degree in only 25 seconds – important for those in a rush.
You can also charge the shaver directly with the cord – it does not need to charge through the cleaning station. Also, there is a quick charge setting that takes about 5 minutes and will guarantee you enough juice for a single shave.

Overall Verdict From

Whether the Braun is for you or not is really a matter of preference. The shaver itself is superb – improving on earlier models and adding a wet shave feature. You really do notice the work of the Active Lift and Sonic Tech features. The cleaning station is as good as you can get in the market but while good, is not really necessary. Everything you get in the box is good, but whether you need everything you get in the box or not is another story. If you don’t mind paying for things you might never use again after the initial cleaning cartridge, or if you are a fan of the cleaning stations anyway then at this price, the 799cc is a fantastic bit of kit.