Braun Series 7 790cc 2018 Review

Over time, the electric shaver has struggled against the razor. As they were starting out, the electric variant was often far too expensive and not advanced enough to offer good results over the traditional counterpart. Braun have blown the traditional out of the water and proven that you truly can have the best shaving experience with an electric shaver.


Why Men Choose The Braun Series 790cc

The series 7 790cc model is a solid performer. Efficiency, power, closeness and comfort all combined into the ultimate dry shaving experience. If you prefer a wet shave, I’d upgrade to the 799cc version which has a bigger price tag.

The Braun Series 7 does have a host of options based on the CC option you choose, with the likelihood that the earlier versions will be discontinued in time but the 790cc model is probably the most balanced contender given the mid range price.

You get a close shave thanks to two ‘OptiFoil’, an advanced foil shaver designed to cut closely but comfortably, as well as the ActiveLife trimmer in the centre. The centre trimmer primarily doing exactly what it says on the tin by making use of the pulse technology to raise the hairs and make it easier for the shaver to do the job, with less need to redo sections over and over with minimal snagged hairs.

The Braun 7 series shavers don’t struggle with facial contours around the jaw and neck lines, providing a consistent shave all round. The pivoting head allows for the user to get to those tougher areas in a way they prefer, easily overcoming any potential issue. The flexible head allows for any required adaptations while you shave; additionally the three different ‘modes’ are useful for any beard or skin type, ranging from Extra Sensitive, Normal and Intensive.


Cleaning is a simply task and required for the upkeep of any shaver. The cleaning dock accompanied with this model will clean, lubricate and charge the shaver at the push of a button ensuring that the shaver is primed for maximum effectiveness and durability.

Any Negatives?

The only downside with the 790cc model (or below) would be the lack of a wet shave option. The 790 isn’t designed to cope with it. If you prefer a wet shave, you either need to upgrade to the 799cc option or go with a different series.

Rival shavers generally require going over the same sections multiple times to ensure the same closeness the Braun offers with the first attempt. Coupled with comfort, ease of use, a sleek design and a fair price… you can’t go wrong.