Braun Series 7 745 Pulsonic Review – Where Brains Meets Braun

There are some words, that when you hear them they ignite a series of other words and feelings in the brain. For example, when I hear the word coffee, the mind can almost hear the grinding beans, smell the percolation and the word ‘satisfaction’ comes to mind. When I hear the word Braun, there is the gratifying feeling of a sure safe shave for my sensitive skin, but also for some reason the word ‘noisy’ comes to mind.

Are these the two encoded instinctive attributes that my brain has associated to Braun over the years? If so, how does the 7 Series 745 Pulsonic compare and can it indeed improve on my current imbedded image of the brand?

What Makes This Braun Different?

Super Sonic –
The intelligent Sonic Technology (the pulsonic part), with 10,000 micro vibrations, really does make a positive improvement to the shaver head. It allows the shaver head to read not only the contours of your face but also the density of your facial hair and adjust its cut accordingly. This is great for managing sensitive areas whilst ensuring a good close cut. Wet or dry, this feature makes a notable difference.

Adaptability –
There are 3 personalised settings to choose from – sensitive – normal and intensive. Each of these will determine the closeness of the shave based on your beard and skin type. Having sensitive skin this is the setting that I stuck to generally – and it did not disappoint. To allow for comparison however, I did try the ‘normal’ setting, and there was a notable difference. I did not find the normal setting to give any less of a close shave, but the skin was a little more irritated and red. I’ll be sticking ot the sensitive setting from now on.

Foiled Again –
The Braun OptiFoil might not seem any different to older foil types, but you certainly notice the difference with the skin. I found that there was less ‘nip’ and interference, which is also the benefit of the pivoting shaver head and floating foils which allow for a close cut without getting in the way as some previous foils have.

What Makes This Braun The Same – In A Good Way

Tried and Tested Active Lift – The Braun patented Active Lift technology is one of the best features on any razor for ensuring an even shave. It really does help to lift those flat and lazy hairs – particularly from areas around the neck, and this stops you having to go over areas again and again.

You’re Covered –
As with all the 7 series shavers, Braun has you covered with a standard 2 year warranty.
Performs Well Wet Or Dry – The Braun 7 series is great for either wet or dry shaving, and the fully washable and waterproof 745 Pulsonic is no exception to this. I’ve tried it with both wet and dry shaving, and although I like a wet shave, I prefer the dry with this Braun – before a good shower. There is no rash or skin irritation and no need for foams or gel either – although this is down to preference.
How Does The Cleaning And Charging Station Stack Up?

Cleaning Time and Quality –
The cleaning dock is quite impressive – much like that of top of the line models only without a motor fan to dry the shaver. The quality of the clean is impressive if not a bit ‘lemony’ – lemon being the only fragrance of the cleaning fluid. In the absence of a motor fan to aid in the dry time of the shaver, a drip-dry can take up to about 3 hours which is a bit annoying if you want to pack it up and move on for example, if you are travelling. The cleaning unit can also be a bit noisy to start – there is that word again ‘noisy’ – and hopefully this will not be the word that represents this shaver best after all the good features above. After a few minutes into the cleaning time however, it does quieten down to a very reasonable volume. The cleaning cartridges are supposed to last between 4-6 weeks, this has still to be determined.

Charge Time and Length –
The charge time is fairly standard – taking about an hour to charge fully, from which you get about a 50 minute life. Gratefully, you can use the power cord for the clean and charge unit to charge the razor directly so if you do get caught short in the morning, or if you don’t want to take the cleaning unit with you on holiday, you can just plug the shaver in directly.

Whats Not To Like

It can be noisy – there is no getting round it. The motor can be quite loud and so is the cleaning unit. While not putting a motor fan into the cleaning unit does make a notable difference in price, it screams out for one – it would really make a difference to the dry time.

Overall Verdict From

It’s noisy, and I was hoping it wouldn’t be, but that being said, it’s a great shaver. The cleaning unit works very well and the shave is close and gentle on the skin and these are afterall what we are looking for in a shave above all else. For the price of the 745 Pulsonic, you would struggle to find a better shave.