Braun Series 5 5090CC – A Shaver For Men With Sensitive Skin But Want The Closest Of Shaves

The Braun Series 5 is a stunning shaver; designed to cater for the most sensitive of skins whilst delivering the closest shave which in itself is no easy task. So how exactly does the 5090CC deliver on this challenge?

Stand Out Features

Flex-Motion Technology
This enables a closer shave without putting any pressure on the skin, ensuring a comfortable, irritation free shave every time. The Flex head offers individual suspension on each of the blade areas, as well as a pivoting head, to offer the same close shave despite any facial contours or shapes.

The Active Lift Middle Trimmer
– makes styling any desired facial hair/sideburns even easier. Coupled with the Opti-Foil blades on the shaver, which ensure more hairs are captured and trimmed with every stroke, preventing needless going over. This model can also accommodate for a wet or dry shave, should the user prefer shaving cream.

The Braun also has a motor 20% more powerful than its predecessors giving you a quicker, more effective shave.
Impressive Charging Station – This model comes with a very unique charging station that can perform multiple tasks to prepare you for the next shave. This dock can clean, charge, lubricate and automatically select the next cleaning program with minimal effort required on the user’s part.

This cleaning dock is the first of its kind to offer all of these in one, ensuring the best possible clean with the alcohol based cleaner. A great little stand-out feature.

The Not So Good

The battery life of this model isn’t anything to celebrate as it has a competitively average 45 minutes worth of shaving time for a charge of about an hour. On the plus side, there is a 5 level battery indicator display to give you an idea of how much charge is left.

Braun Series 5 5090CC-cleaning-doc

Cleaning docks often require moderate to frequent maintenance to ensure you get the best possible results. This model requires the cleaning cartridge to be replaced from time to time which is an extra expense. You should only consider this model if you are prepared to accept extra expenditure on upkeep.

Additionally, there are no separate power programs to help cater to how sensitive your skin is and how vigorous the motor needs to be to accommodate for hair length. Alternate shavers often have Extra Sensitive, Normal and Intensive modes but this model doesn’t have the option.

Overall Verdict From


With its numerously patented blades, lifts and world’s first cleaner, the Series 5 makes for an ultimately unique buy. It has a very sleek design that merits the price tag with a rubber grip for a firm, comfortable hold.

The technology focussed into the one shaver ensures a close, irritant free shave regardless of hair density.