Braun CoolTec – A Sigh Of Relief For Sensitive Skin

There are few things in this world more irritating than sensitive skin. When the burn comes, and the itch begins you would gladly trade your nails for a cheese grater only to be left 10 minutes later looking like a burn victim. Electric shavers are notorious for irritating the skin by their very nature, but the Braun CoolTec could well be a game changer.

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Why The CoolTec Is So Good on Sensitive Skin

Better by Design

Cooling Technology – The Braun CoolTec is designed to cool your skin as you shave, rather than building up head that is usually the case with electric shavers. This is the work of the Thermo-Electric-Cooling technology and Indeed it doesn’t take long to notice that burn and itch are far reduced when using the CoolTec. With 40% of men suffering from sensitive skin, this is a major plus on the side of Braun and is the main contributor to setting this model apart from the competition.

Aluminium Cooling Bar – Another element of the cooling system is the aluminium cooling bar, which is integrated into the shaver head. This bar acts like ice to cool down the skin on contact whilst shaving. The cooing effect is generated at the press of a button, and once pressed the temperature of the bar drops by 20°C – Positively chilling.

No Gels or Foams Required – Big plus point here, in that you don’t need to splash out on foams, gels or creams to use when shaving with the CoolTec – in actual fact using these products may be counterproductive to the cooling process by acting as a thermal insulator. Whether using for a wet or dry shave, it matters not the burn is minimal and in my own personal case – there was no need for any aftershave balm either – this shaver is a gem.

Other Positive Features

Cleaning – A familiar feature with Braun Series shavers, this one included, are automatic cleaning and charging systems. The CooTec cleaning system uses an alcohol based cleaning fluid so bare that in mind if you have sensitivity with alcohol. If your face can handle it, then this is a nice luxury feature to have.

Secondary Trimmer – Located at the back of the shaver is trimmer perfect for tidying up your sideburns or mosutache.
Reliable Battery – The battery life is fairly standard with a good 45 to 50 minutes life from a charge of 1 hour. There is also a funky little LED display for both the battery status and a cleaning indicator, as well as a travel lock indicator
Water Proof – The CoolTec is water proof to 5 metres and while you might not be planning to take it for a swim, it’s nice to know it’s not going to drown in the shower.

Why the CoolTec Won’t Be Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Not A Fan of Thick Hair
If you have thick facial hair then this is not the shaver for you. To get the same results as an upmarket model you would need to take several passes and this totally negates any of the positive effects from the sensitivity features. This is a mid-range shaver – and a great one for sensitive skin, but what it’s not is an effective model for thick hair.

Overall Verdict From

If you have sensitive skin then this is a great little shaver, but be under no illusion – it is no Braun 7 Series. It is an average performer – it sits in the 3 series range and will struggle give a close shave with a thicker facial hair type – but then what mid-range shaver doesn’t?

In a nut shell, if you have thin to medium facial hair and sensitive skin then this is the perfect shaver for you – possibly the best on the market for sensitive skin. Check out my other choices of electric shavers for sensitive skin.

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