Braun 3 Series 340S-4 Wet/Dry Shaver – Cheap But Extremely Reliable and Tough

Braun is a name that has survived the test of time and for good reason. They offer an astounding variety of shaver to accommodate for any demographic. The 3 Series 340S-4 is a reasonable entry level model that ticks all the boxes for the generic foil shaver.


Budget shavers don’t need to have a flurry of features or extras to do a good job and this model proves it.

Why Buy The 3 Series 340S-4

First of all, as the name suggests… it can accommodate for a wet or dry shave, which is already a good selling point when many of the mid to high cost models do tend to focus all of their respective energies on one or the other.

Although cheaper shavers will struggle with heavier beards and facial hair, the Braun can cope with without the need to go over areas multiple times.

The heads are adjustable to allow the user to accommodate for hair length, or simply for ease purposes when trimming between the nose and moustache.

The SensoFoil technology in the shaver works well alongside the middle trimmer offers a high quality shave every time regardless of how the heads are adjusted or spaced apart. This triple action cutting system allows for a close, irritant free shave with results similar to models that offer in excess of three blades.


It is suggested to replace the foil in shavers every few months for the best possible shave and maintenance is convenient with removable/adjustable heads with spare parts being relatively affordable.

Battery life is a major selling point and consideration with electric shavers and the 340S can last upward of a competitive 40 minutes per charge; perfect for travelling, with or without the charging bay. On the subject of travel, it’s worth noting that the accompanying zip case does have a slight fall back in terms of volume as it can only fit the shaver and not the cord.

Overall Verdict From

If you want a simple, effective and reliable shave, the Braun 340S-4 is definitely a contender amongst other shavers in its price bracket. As this is the only Braun series that currently accommodates for a wet and dry shave – the 340S-4 provides versatility without the need for costly add-ons.