The Best Electric Shavers For Black Men In 2018

Your Guide To The Top Rated Electric Shavers For Afro-Caribbean and Afro-American Male Skin

Black guys have a rough time when it comes to shaving. Their facial skin is very sensitive and are prone to issues like ingrown hairs, razor burn and the dreaded razor bumps. Because most black men tend to have curly hair and these hairs, after shaving, curls back into the skin. This can cause inflammation and makes the skin look like it’s covered in pimples. Sometimes the hair follicles can become infected, which in some cases can result in white-heads appearing on the skin.

For these reasons, it is essential for black men to really consider what electric razor they purchase. Buying the wrong shaver for your skin type can seriously damage your face & skin, leading to your face bleeding and razor bumps & rashes getting infected.

Black men should consider the functions of a shaver and how it deals with issues that you may have with regards to your shaving experience. Technologies within the electric shaver should enable you to have a gentle yet effective shave, every time. It’s so important to buy a shaver that is going to do just this, as you don’t want to buy an electric razor that will trigger shaving problems like ingrown hairs, razor burn or razor bumps.

The three best electric shavers we recommend for black men are:


1. Braun Series 7 790 (Read our review) | Read Reviews on Amazon

Best Electric Shaver For Black Men - Braun Series 7 799

In our tests we found that The Braun Series 7 790cc was the most gentle when it came to shaving. And this isn’t just our own isolated opinion, it is known from consumer reports to be the electric shaver that’s most gentle on your skin. It’s the best electric shaver for black men, simple!




2. Philips SensoTouch RQ1280cc GyroFlex (Read our review)| Read Reviews on Amazon


This comes in 2nd on our list for best electric shaver for black men 2017. Finding the right shaver for sensitive skin can be really difficult, especially for black skin and the issues that they face with shaving. This is where your search may end. There are a few shavers for sensitive skin that truly stand out from the crowd.




3. Panasonic ESLA93-K (Read our review) | Read Reviews on Amazon

Panasonic ES-LA93

The Panasonic ESLA93 is a very impressive shaver and one that would suit the men of the Afro-Carribean / American community extremely well. Not only does it look good in design and form, but it is awesome when it comes to performance. It gives the black male features that will provide him with a smooth and hassle free shaving experience.


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Why Should Black Men Choose The Braun Series 7 799?


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Irritation from razor burn or just general shaving, is non existent. You will completely forget that you ever had shaving problems from razor bumps, ingrown hairs or rashes. It’s the best razor out their for black guys, simple!

In other top of the range razors on the market, you will experience skin irritation, even though they can give an extremely close shave.

This is simply down to the technology they use. With the Braun Series 7 790, it uses what they call “Active Lift Technology, that lifts up the flat and curly hairs, and cuts them in one swipe! The ActiveLift technology drastically reduces then number of razor passes on the skin. This in turn reduces then need to go over and over the same parts of the face, causing less irritation.

Read our review on The Braun 7 790

The other great thing about this razor is the “3 Personalization Modes” which can be switched to cater to how sensitive your skin is or your hair type. The three modes are,

1. Intensive Mode
2. Extra Sensitive Mode
3. Normal Mode

By having these different modes, it enables the black man to adjust the shaver to different parts of the face. Some areas you might have to deal with razor bumps, so you switch it to “extra sensitive mode” to lift the hair more than in other places.



Maintain your beard length between 0.5mm & 1mm if you suffer from ingrown hairs on the face. This length will enable you to deal and treat the issue in the best way possible.


More cool stuff from Braun Series 7

The Braun 7 799 has a docking station, that automatically cleans and dries your shaver, ready to use next time.

The charge time is great. With one charge it can go on for between 50 and 60 minutes of backup.

Cost of the Braun 7 799

It’s not cheap, but it will solve the shaving problems that most black men have. You can’t put a price on that. There’s no point in buying cheap at the expense of the well-being of your skin.

The cost of buying the Braun Series 7-790 is between $150 to $250 depending on the time of year you want to buy it. Normally you can get these a lot cheaper in the run up to Christmas.CHECK OUT LATEST PRICES ON AMAZON



Philips SensoTouch GyroFlex Is The Second Best Razor For Black Males


The Philips SensoTouch RQ1280cc GyroFlex is one that not only stands out but one that is impossible to ignore. Not only does it look great, it also is a perfect fit for black men who have issues with shaving irritations.


The shaver has 3 rotary cutting heads housed in a 360° pivoting head. Each of these moves independently which is what makes up the GyroFlex 3D element of the shaver. It also has an UltraTrack system which basically involves 3 tracks on the shaving heads that together afford the ability to cut hair of any length. This all makes for an incredibly close shave without having to apply much pressure thus eliminating razor burn.



Panasonic ESLA93-K Third Best Electric Razor For Black Men


I’ve put this in 3rd place, not because it’s inferior to the Braun 7-790, but because I prefer the feel of the Braun.


This shaver is really powerful and fast, yet gentle to the skin. The device is so fast that it completely reduces the need for multiple pass overs of the same spots. It uses outer foil vibration technology which basically is another way to lift up tough hair and cuts it quickly and easily. This is ideal for black male skin, as those tough curly hairs are just dealt with like no other razor can.
Shaving the same area continuously is the main cause for skin irritations and razor burns, hence why this razor is great for black men.

Other cool features of the Panasonic ESLA93


There are four cutting blades on the trimming head, which have a hypoallergenic coating. It is able to move forward and backward and sideways, which allows for a better movement along the neck lines and chin areas preventing any nicks or cuts.

Read our review on the Panasonic ESLA93

You can get up to 45 minutes of usage from one charge, which is great if you’re going away for the weekend. Use it on both wet and dry shaving, and its really easy to keep clean.


Again, the price is that of a top end electric razor, but don’t let this put you off. The features it has will enable the black man to have a hassle free shave. Now that’s worth the money in itself!

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Not every face is the same, so some will prefer different shavers to others. But one thing is for certain, these electric shavers will solve your shaving problems or go a long way to easing the irritation.

Good luck and if you have any questions, feel free to leave me a comment and I will get back to you real quick!