Best Beard Brush 2018

Brushing your beard is a good habit. However, it should only be done about once in a day because doing it too often can damage the beard. Brushing it more often results in split ends and damaging the facial hair that has taken the time to grow. Make it a habit of brushing your beard each morning before you go to work or before you start other outdoor activities. To get the best results, brush it after a shower. Doing that, will make it look nice and tidy the whole day. Most men forget or intentionally refuse to brush their beards. It is important to know that your beard must be tamed to look fit and presentable to the society. Brushes made from bristles and wood help you work out any messy tangles and kinks, turning a wild beard into something presentable.

Just like you take care of the hair on your head, the beard also needs to look tidy and classy. Your chin wig needs tender loving to style it correctly, to lay it flat and give your face an elegant look. Even though you might be growing your beard to get warmth during the cold winter, there is no excuse to keep it shaggy. Always ensure it is kept in line using a beard brush.

Brushing your beard helps keep it stimulated because hair follicles that have been stimulated are always healthy. It also helps apply oil and move it across to give the beard a tidy look. Brushing makes our facial hair look clean and well-managed. Adding beard oil to your beard turns it from a soup catcher into a soft accessory that brings an incredible feeling when touched. You would rather have no beard than have a bad one.

Kent Boar Hair Brush is recommended for brushing beards. This is because it is a natural product and soft on your skin. Its brush bristles enable you to reach the root tip of your facial hair in a single stork. To keep your facial fuzz attractive and clean, it is important also to understand other types of quality brushes and so that you may make an informed decision when selecting and buying them.

Stern Moustache Brush

This is one of the best brushes in the world. Most brushes are big such that using them to work on your upper lip becomes difficult. Stern Moustache brush can slip under the nose with surgical precision like that of a straight razor to spread oils and clean unwanted substances. The bristles of these brushes are hand-picked to make each brush look different. It has a long black Maron handle that is easy to hold. The firm grip gives you a better hold and control. This brush is suitable for any size of a moustache. It works best for men with a thicker beard that that needs long and stiff bristles that can penetrate down the skin. The brush has a light body that’s hard to break even after throwing it into a suitcase. Most people will find it suitable for grooming the whole face.



Jack Dean Military Style Brush

At times throwing away your shaving cream and committing yourself to take care of a beard may be expensive. This brush can penetrate any hair and has all that you need. Its price is relatively low as compared to others. Once you understand its quality, you will not think twice, but buy it. It is versatile enough to keep your hair tidy at all stages during its growth. The brush gives your hair enough care to keep it neat and healthy. However, you will want something that is better when your beard reaches full manhood. This brush uses both boar and nylon thus allowing it to penetrate your facial hair. When your hair grows longer, you will need a brush that is stiffer. If you have fine hair, you do not need an extra brush.



Incredibeard’s The Boar

If your beard is between one to three inches long, this is most probably the best brush that will fit your face. It digs into your hair without scraping. It slides between your hairs without leaving raw skin below it. It is eco-friendly and helps distribute oils from your skin to your hair. In addition to that, it stimulates the growth of hair. If you want an extra boost to the growth of your hair, this brush will work for you. It can force your facial hair to lay flat or increase its volume depending on the way you use it. The head of the brush is built in such a way that you can grip either side of the handle. You can as well grab the head to gain control and accuracy during shaving. It might be an expensive investment if your intention is maintaining hair during the whole process of growth. This brush works well on either of the sides it is intended.


Diane Palm Brush

This brush is suitable for long hair. It does not work efficiently on hair that is too short. It gently massages your skin and makes you feel comfortable. The brush is stiff enough to resist the snares, tangles and snags that are associated with big beards. It is brushed can be used on a daily basis. Its price is relatively small as compared to other types.

The bristle boar head is strong enough to attain maximum rigidity for deep penetration. It has soft bristles on one side while the other side has hard ones. The handle is made of a dark varnished wood that is appealing to the eye. Its fine grip enables you to exercise control during brushing. It is worth noting that this brush is preferred by most men due to its high penetration.



R.S Stein Brushes

R.S Stein brushes are good for taking care of your beard. These brushes are made of boar bristles and a long-lasting wooden handle. They have a knack that most brushes that are available in the market don’t have. The knack helps distribute oil additives completely and easily without leaving dry spots on your facial hair. They are useful for dry skin and hair. They are also suitable for people living in an arid climate. If you have a lengthy bushel that requires help when moisturizing it from the root to the tip, this brush is good at that. Both the club style and military style brushes have stiff and large bristles that can retain and move oils across your beard. If you love applying oil, this brush will help you achieve the desired feeling and look.



Kent MC4 Cherry Wood Military Brush

The Cherry wood Military Brush that is manufactured by Kent is one of the best beard brushes. It is unique in its way since it doesn’t follow the make of other brushes. It uses white bristles as opposed to the common black ones. The bristles are sunk into a cherry wood to give it an outstanding appearance that makes it look well refined.

As compared to other types of brushes, it is much smaller and fits well into a shaving kit or a travel bag for easy transportation. It may take more time to work on long beards because of its small size and the reduced grip. More force is applied while using it because it is a bit light. The white bristles are softer than the black ones making the brush suitable for people with sensitive skin or early beards. It may not dig deep into long beards. However, it is appropriate for persons with shaky hands.



Kent Military Brush, Oval

This is yet another good brush made of black bristles and ebony wood. It is oval in shape and strong enough to last for an extended period. It is well designed to penetrate into your hair through the scalp to clean and stimulate hair follicles. It is easily maneuverable to enable you to brush your hair more effectively and conveniently. Its thick black bristles condition your hair by enhancing production of essential oils. The essential oils make the beard look healthy, shiny and presentable.



Menessentials Boar Bristles

This is a military style wooden brush. It has black, firm and natural boar bristles. It is very effective in the distribution of oils across the beard. In addition to spreading oils, it is effective at softening and detangling your facial hair. It is unlikely that it will damage or tug your hair. This brush is best suited for men with short beards. It is durable thus will serve you for a long period.



Kent OE1 Men’s Brush

This brush has a rectangular head that is made of ebony wood. The brush is thick and filled with white bristles that are softer than the previous brands. This brings an aesthetically pleasing contrast. The comfortable well-designed handle helps you keep control and balance while grooming and styling your hair. The soft white bristles distribute and stimulate oils inside the hair cuticles. The natural oil encourages cuticles to lie on your skin thus creating shiny, strong and healthy hair. The soft white bristles are suitable for a man with a sensitive scalp or thin hair.



Kent Men’s brush, Beech wood

Kent Men’s brush is made of beech wood and is rectangular in shape. It is club handled with soft white bristles. Its classic shape was designed more than 150 years ago. Its comfortable handle helps maintain control and balance while brushing your hair. It has soft bristles that stimulate the production of oil when you comb your hair. Stimulation that is caused by the bristles flattens the hair making it look shiny and classy.



Kent for Men Brush, Half-radial, Gent styler

This Kent for Men Brush is half radial. It has a sponge base designed to distribute evenly oils and hair gel to your hair. The brush is also good at absorbing oils. All these features make grooming and styling of your facial hair easy and effortless. It makes your daily routine natural and enjoyable. This beard brush is suitable for men with thick and long hair because it penetrates deep into the hair. It is worth noting that this brush is negatively charged so as to stimulate condition and protect your hair.


Before selecting the type of beard brush that you want to buy, make sure you understand the type of your hair and how long you want it to grow. It is advisable always to go for quality brushes to increase durability and effectiveness of grooming. Keep your beards looking healthy, shiny and presentable before people at all times. Make it a daily habit so as to achieve the best results.