The Philips Satinelle HP6401 epilator for women – Smooth with a capital Smoo!

Let’s not beat around the bush (pardon the pun). The Philips Satinelle HP6401 eoilator is not a market leader; it does not exaggerate its presence with bells and whistles but then neither does its price tag. What the HP6401 is can be summed up as steadfast and reliable, and what it gives you is great value for money.

When compared to other models in the same price range, the Satinelle HP6401 does indeed stand out. The legs and tight-skinned areas are where this model really show its talents and as it is light and compact it’s the perfect travel companion.

Why You Will Want The Philips Satinelle HP6401?

Grip and Handling – Don’t be fooled by the simplicity of the design, Philips have put some thought into this. The ergonomic design gives a perfect grip for easily manoeuvring around the legs, knees, ankles and sensitive areas – although mainly the legs as epilation can be rather ‘pinchy’ particularly around more sensitive areas. Saying that, the Philips is the gentlest epilator I have come across by far, and for a budget model that is a great trait to have.

The Efficiency Cap is a godsend – When you’re shaving or epilating sensitive areas, you want to go over areas as few times as possible to prevent irritation. The efficiency cap helps you do this by providing more effective removal – but remember and move in a slow and steady motion to benefit most from this feature. Dry skin will also give better results than wet, as such this is a product best used before the shower rather than during or after.

Very Easy To Clean –
Although there is no cleaning brush, the head is removable and can be washed directly under hot soapy water, remove the soap if sensitive.

Where Preference Makes A Difference

There are some other features of the HP6401 that – like marmite- you will either love or hate. It is in these little things that you may find that this is a winner or a loser for you. In these things it is preference rather than performance that matter.
Twin Speed Setting – The HP6401 has two speed settings suited to cutting fine hair or coarse hair respectively. While some other epilators have more speed settings, remember that this is a budget model.

What about Sensitive Skin?
Epilation itself is not great for sensitive skin. The process literally plucks and pulls hair out at the root and as such, if you have sensitive skin you can expect some form of mild irritation. However this is not a flaw of the HP6401 but just a consequence of the process itself.

There are only 21 Tweezers – When you consider that some of the market leading epilators have up to 71 tweezers you can then understand why this model may take longer to epilate. The plus side of this is that with less hair plucked per rotation there is less pain, and some prefer the smaller head as it can handle some more sensitive areas better than with a big head.

Where The HP6401 Is Limited

Not Rechargeable – In fact there is no battery at all. The plus side of this is that the epilator itself is light and compact, good for travelling or those on the move – as long as you have access to a socket. The down side is that, well, there is no battery. While the cord that comes with it is a good 2.5 metres long at least, you are still restricted by this.
Plastic Gear not Solid – Plastic gears are less hard wearing than metal so expect them to wear at pace with regular usage. They are also more susceptible to jamming and sticking but to be honest, this is not an issue I have encountered so far.
Since When Was A Cleaning Brush An Add On – Ok so with a budget model you expect a very ‘vanilla’ product, but there is no cleaning brush or carry case with this – mildly irritating even if it is a great price.

Last Thoughts

This is a plain epilator, there really are no bells and whistles. There isn’t even a battery. But with the very reasonable price tag I almost feel guilty for grumbling. After all, when compared evenly against those in the same bracket this is an outstanding little model. Most epilators with fancy features come with a price tag to match, but what you get with the HP6401 is, the epilating equivalent of marmite. As mentioned above, preference is key to whether this is for you or not. If price and pain threshold are more important to you than the number of tweezers and a cordless feature then this is a great little model, a true hero in the budget range.